welcome to FTH Capital

Investing was never easier with FTH Capital platform.

welcome to FTH Capital

we champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary.

welcome to FTH Capital

The financial future is in your hand with our help.


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We focus on the most efficient financial solutions with the latest technology.


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We always put the customer benefit into the front and do all our best for customers.


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We bring together the world's leading financial experts to help you make decisions.

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We Help To Create The Financial Wealth.

FTH Capital is one of the leading fund's management in the world. Our main facilities are the Administration of financial markets and Fund management activities. FTH Capital has had a stellar evolution in just a few years of existence. Only one year after its founding, Financial Trustment Holdings achieved the position of one of the largest capital funds in the local, with a stable profit for investors.

Our company, FTH Investment has been established in 2004 in the United States, through many years of development we have expanded a branch in New Zealand in 2014 and recently, FTH Investment has been established in the United Kingdom in 2018.

FTH Capital is operated by leading financial experts with many years of investment experience. Our success is evidenced by specific figures over time with the trust of customers and the satisfaction of investors.

Our capital management activities are specified through specific portfolios, including: Hedge Fund Invest, Start-Up Invest and Technology invest.

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since 2004

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The most Powerful Platform.


Process thousands of transactions per second


applying blockchain and deep learning technology


absolute transparency with smart contracts


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Our Ecosystem.



The most effective of FTH PAY is to feature explicit foreign exchange transactions

FTH Store

FTH Store is a global e-commerce website. The platform helping businesses to grow global.

FTH wallet

FTH wallet is capable of storing FTH Currency and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH...


FTH Exchange

FTH Exchange will be one of the world leading exchange plat form for Cryptocurrencies.

FTH visa card

FTH connect brand and businesses with global community using FTH visa card payment.

Digital Bank

serving FTH community for international money transfers, inside and outside system.

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our dedicated team.

CEO Founder

Louis hampton

Finance Director

Devid Walter

Marketing Director

Brax Petersen

Technology Director

Chandler Harringtonk

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speed up your financial wealth.

Our platform provides customers with optimal investment options and solutions based on proven results.

Hedge Fund Invest
Start-up Invest
Technology Invest

our happy client.

FTH capital's team has assisted us with a number of private equity investments. We would single them out above all other legal counsel that we have worked with and are very impressed with their work.

Adam wilson

Just a quick note to thank the FTH Capital team for all your hard work over the last few months in connection with our secondary portfolio sale. We greatly appreciate your commitment over a sustained period which included many long nights and weekends.

Javis jampa

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