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FTH Capital is one of the leading fund's management in the world. Our main facilities are the Administration of financial markets and Fund management activities. FTH Capital has had a stellar evolution in just a few years of existence. Only one year after its founding, Beach Point Capital Management achieved the position of one of the largest capital funds in the local, with a stable profit for investors.

FTH Capital is operated by leading financial experts with many years of investment experience. Our success is evidenced by specific figures over time with the trust of customers and the satisfaction of investors.

Our capital management activities are specified through specific portfolios, including: Hedge Fund Invest, Start-Up Invest and Technology invest.


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our working history


The process of formation and development


FTH Capital is established by great leaders, experienced financial professionals, and talented fund managers. All gathered with the mission to create a leading investment fund in the world.

Considerable development

The Results

FTH Capital has achieved strong strides in the development process. Rapid growth in the number of clients, managed capital, and investment sectors. Along with that, FTH Capital proves outstanding investment efficiency with the profit flow brought to customers.



Apply blockchain technology


FTH Capital applies blockchain technology and fund management activities. Thereby expanding the customer file as well as the investment sector into the crypto and blockchain categories. All data is encrypted with smart contracts in a transparent and secure manner.

World's leading capital

The Big Thing

With a wealth of experience and a team of enthusiastic professionals, along with a strong technological background and proven results, FTH Capital confidently asserted its position in the international financial market, becoming one of the world's leading financial funds.


our happy client.

FTH capital's team has assisted us with a number of private equity investments. We would single them out above all other legal counsel that we have worked with and are very impressed with their work.

Adam wilson

Just a quick note to thank the FTH Capital team for all your hard work over the last few months in connection with our secondary portfolio sale. We greatly appreciate your commitment over a sustained period which included many long nights and weekends.

Javis jampa


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